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Welcome to INSEC

INSEC was founded in 1988 by inexorable HR defender late Prakash Kaphley and prominent HR activist Sushil Pyakurel. Started with the objective of protecting the rights of people engaged in informal sectors, it has significantly contributed in protecting and promoting the fundamental rights of people in virtually all sectors. The efforts made during its early days made effective contributions in institutionalizing the democratic polity in the nation  from a rights-based approach, both at the policy and grassroots levels, especially after the restoration of democracy in 1990/91.

Immediately after the inception, INSEC implemented a programme targeting the cart pushers of the Kathmandu valley. Fundamentally, the programme sought to protect their economic rights through study, advocacy and campaigning for ensuring ..[More]



Latest Reports

  • A Study Report on Shrinking Civic Society Space in the Context of COVID-19 in Karnali…

    Published : Dec-14,2023
  • Annual Report 2022

    Published : Dec-04,2023


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