CDO claim that government has initiated positive steps in favor of Children 

Dailekh, 1 October 2018

Laxmi Prasad Baskota; Chief District Officer of Dailekh told that government has initiated positive steps for the protection and development of child rights. He said that Government has approved international treaties on Child Rights and making laws and policies accordingly. He further added that government has prioritized child friendly environment and has allocated sufficient budget for overall child development. He said the statement during the capacity building training for Child Rights Awareness Groups formed by INSEC. The two days training is organized by INSEC Karnali office. 

Similarly, Sarbaraj Mahara, member of District Coordination Committee requested participants for utilizing the learning of training in real life. He suggested that children need to be discipline, honest and sincere on their duties and study. 
During the program Narayan Subedi, Regional coordinator of INSEC said that ELP program aware community on their rights, make concern authorities responsible, and promote child rights and issues of Education, Health and Food security. Similarly Khagendra Bahadur Malla; head of the Education Development and Coordination Unit said that such training is very helpful for overall development of children, increases participation and protect their rights. 
The program was chaired by Yumuna Thapa Magar, chairperson of Tribeni Sangam Child Rights Awareness group. 30 Participants including 24 students and 4 teachers from four different schools and 2 members of youth groups are present in the training. During two days training participants will orient with concept of child rights and human rights, concept of child friendly environment at schools and community, concept of child psychology, management of Child Rights Awareness Group etc.

Amar Sunar