Discussion held on Good governance of Social Organizations

The Informal Sector Service Center (INSEC) , Ramechhap has organized a discussion program on internal governance of social organizations and their issues on August 28.

Ramechhap district Bar Chairman Pandav Prasai had presented the concept note of social organization regarding their legal provision and issues needed to be improved. He added that the social organizations have played a vital role on raising issues and advocating it.

Bhuwan Shrestha, vice-chair of NGO federation Ramechhap accused that state’s Act of being biased towards social organizations. He added that even now, the social organizations have to work under the organization registration Act 2034.

Chair Shiva Kumar Karki of Nepal Red Cross Ramechhap said that the internal issues of the organizations must be solved through dialogue. Child rights activists Labha Sharma stressed on forming forum inside the federation to alert on such issue.

Nawa Raj Pathik