Half-yearly Pre-review of Human Rights Year book-2018

The participants in a program have stressed that the state must be responsible for protecting human rights. INSEC, Rupandehi organized a half-yearly pre-review  of the incidents of human rights violation collected for the publications of Human Rights Year Book -2018.

INSEC district representative Reema BC presented 320 incidents of human right violation within 6 months period.

Among the incidents, there were 25 incidents of child rights violation, 9 incidents of sexual abuse, 2 incidents of child marriage, one incident of alleged witchcraft, 12 incidents of human trafficking, one incident of discrimination along with 2 hundred 71 incidents of domestic violence.

DSP Mukunda Marasini of Area Police Office, Butwal,  said there is an increase of violence against women and girls this year in comparison to previous. He added, police are active on protecting  human rights .

Armed Police Force DSP Sanjay Bhattarai said that the armed police and their organization are actively working for the protection of human rights. He also suggested  INSEC to emphasize its activities in making aware about the human rights to citizens along with the documentation.

Former MP and member of the CPN-Maoist central Binod Pahadi mentioned about the important role of INSEC in human rights movement. He praised INSEC for its contribution in human rights sector .

He added, INSEC has been able to maintain its prestige in international level since the documents that are not recorded by National Research Commission has been maintained by INSEC. He suggested INSEC to educate the citizens along with monitoring the human rights situation.

Tejendra KC of UML appreciated  INSEC stating that it has its representative in all 75 districts to monitor human rights situation which government has not been able to do. KC also added that the INSEC should be active in alerting the political parties to work for the protection of human rights.

Reema BC