Human Right Watch Group Formed at Chhireswor Municipality


Dhanusa 13 January 2019

INSEC Province-2 office organized project orientation and human rights watch group formation program at Chhireswor Municipality Dhanusa under the project “Increasing access of Local People especially disadvantaged groups to public resources and government services/entitlements in regards to education, food and health”.

In the presence of chief guest Yogendra Pangiyar Mayor of municipality and related government stakeholders of education, health and agriculture, civil society networks, political personas and community people were participated in the programme. Discussion between right holders and duty bearer’s occurred on the agendas of health, food and education rights situation of the community.  Group was formed with 12 members as a watch dog for the coordination and collaboration with government and related stakeholders in the issues of education, food and health. Shova Bhandari becomes the coordinator of the network. Mayor Pangiyar gives best wishes to the network for their effective working period. As Nepal constitution has ensure right to food, right to health and right to education as a fundamental rights, he commitment to implement all plan effectively to gain the result through coordination with all the organization and network of the community.