INSEC Organized Workshop on Civic Engagement in Policy Cycle

Informal Sector Service Center (INSEC) has organized workshop on Civic Engagement in Policy Cycle among the representatives of civil society organizations from Kathmandu Valley and earthquake affected districts. The workshop has aimed to enhance the strategies and skills of Civil Society Organizations and activists on policy advocacy for their effective engagement in policy making process. INSEC has conducted this workshop on December 29 and 30 2019 in Dhulikhel where 56 people (F15 and TG 4) attended the event.

Dr. Indira Shrestha, the chairperson of INSEC, chaired the workshop and expressed that this type of workshop are planned and organized by INSEC for enhancing the networking of CSO for setting the policy agendas and proactive engagement in the process to achieve the human rights friendly laws/policies. The workshop participants were welcomed by INSEC Executive Director Bijay Raj Gautam by sharing the enlarged scope of civic engagement in policy making. He has highlighted that Nepali CSOs should balance their engagement from local level to federal level in policy making process.

Tanka Aryal, the legal and policy advisor of FHI 360, has facilitated the session on Public Policy Cycle and Civic Engagement (Process and Strategies). During his session he has presented the coverage and scope of public policy and the standard process of policy making. He further shared about the law and policy making process practiced in Nepal. He has briefly highlighted the historical practice of law/policy making in Nepal. Now, Nepal is committed for rule of law as its fundamental governance value. He has stressed that the core essence of rule is the practice of inclusion of the civic voice and participation of civil society in law making. Furthermore, the facilitator highlighted that the parliamentary process and fulfillment of the international obligation and the constitutional mandate of Nepal are also the key basis to be considered while preparing the public policies. After and during his presentation, CSO representatives and activists are agreed that they will engage in effective approach to ensure human rights friendly law/policies to strengthen rule of law and democratic values.

Shobhakar Budhathoki, the Executive Board Member of INSEC, has facilitated the session on Civil Society Experience in Policy Making Process and Civic Engagement in Planning Process. During his session he has presented the principle understanding regarding civil society organization and the role of CSO in policy making process in Nepal. He has briefed the context of policy making in Nepal. After his sharing the representatives of CSOs interacted on the strategic priorities of civic engagement in policy making in Nepal.