Interaction between Judicial Committees, Bar Association, District and High Court about the Cases Dealing by Local Judicial Committees and Complications

13th May, 2019, Dhangadhi

Province Level Meeting Between NHRC, INSEC, Bar Association and Judicial Committees have been accomplished in Dhangadhi on 13th May, 2019. The meeting aimed to create an understanding and environment to function Help Desk in National Human Rights Commission, effectively along with provide the collective support to local judicial committee.

In the meeting judicial committee members from Achham, kailali and Kanchanpur, NHRC, Bar district, province and national Bar Association’s vital persons and INSEC team agreed to make the best use of Help Desk to improve Human Rights situation in the region and to strength local judicial committees. The interaction was focused on the challenges judicial committees facing in local level and complications in function it properly. The commitment of these institutions to work collaboratively was extended. It is expected through the statements from participants that the local judicial committees will get supports from stake holders like District and High Courts, Bar Association to deal the cases recommended by judicial committees. To solve the complications it faces during its justice delivery process, Help Desk needs to be more active to support the justice delivery system. So the INSEC and NHRC requested to Bar Association leaders and Judicial Committee’s members to continue a collaborative efforts. Field based partners are also expected to support to get the real case from that ground and ensure the justice to the victims. And the commitments from stake holders extended to play the active role in strengthening help desk, to support local judicial committe’s justice delivery process and system.