Interaction on Civil Society & Good Governance

Informal Sector Service Centre (INSEC) has organized an interaction program in Kathmandu on issues of civil society and good governance on September 18, 2018. The main interest of the program was to interact in the issue of internal governance and self-regulation of Nepali civil society. The national level interaction targeted to include participants from 14 earthquake affected district and other from the national level civil society organizations. The interaction was chaired by Krishna Gautam, province number 3 coordinator of INSEC, where executive director Bijaya Raj Gautam shared that INSEC is raising the issues of good governance in Nepal and sincerely ensuring its practice within the organization since its establishment. He added that even now INSEC has been operating program in provincial level for formulating human rights friendly law and rights responsive governance.

Daya Sagar Shrestha, executive director of NGO federation had facilitated the program. Mr. Shrestha during his session presented the overall scenario of the Nepali civil society organization and focused to the issue of internal governance and self-regulation of the Nepali civil society organization. By using the self-assessment tools he made the reflection of self to contribute to identify the specific areas or improvement. During his session participants shared that the issues of funding and fund transparency is the crucial issue for Nepali CSOs’ governance.

The participants were the officials and chairperson of NGO federation along with the active members from 14 earthquake affected districts. The formal sessions of program was facilitated by project coordinator Shree Ram Bajgain where representative Tanka Aryal from FHI had highlighted about the good governance.