Interaction on Civil Society organisation at Biratnagar

Honorable Minister for Internal affairs and Law of Province one Mr. Hikmat Karki shared that the provincial government will regulate the civil society organizations by respecting the rights to freedom of association and assembly during the interaction organized by Informal Sector Service Center (INSEC) among the provincial parliamentarians of province one at Biratnagar on March 10, 2019. He further addressed that the role of CSOs is expected as complementary where the government access and resource are limited and also question to the government if there are any inappropriate actions ongoing. He ensured that the province government will not promote contradictions with CSOs, instead, the government will facilitate to resolve the difficulties for better partnership.

INSEC immediate past chairperson and vice-chairperson of provincial planning commission of province one Mr. Subodh Raj Pyakurel emphasized for proper implementation of the code of conduct of the NGO Federation of Nepal and strong self-regulation for improving CSOs image. Similarly, he suggested the law makers to consider the constitution of Nepal and country’s international obligations through treaties and conventions as reference documents during the law making.

Some of the provincial parliamentarians criticized the malpractices of the operation of the projects and foreign funding and suggested to improve the accountability and transparency with the standard law and targeted groups or people. Similarly, the parliamentarians committed that they will improve the provincial law concerned with CSOs if there are restricted provisions for CSOs operations and regulation.

INSEC chairperson Dr. Indira Shrestha expressed that the CSO friendly policies and law are the fundamental prerequisites for democratic and developed society. Project coordinator Shree Ram Bajagain presented a discussion paper where CSO actors including NGO Federation secretary shared their views. The event was moderated by INSEC province coordinator of province one Mr. Shomraj Thapa.