Interaction program organized among Right Holder and Duty Bearers

Bardhiya 30th Jan 2019

INSEC Province-5 organized interaction program between right holders and duty bearers at Suryapatuwa ward no. 1, Madhuwan Municipality Bardhiya on 30th January 2019 in the initiation of human right watch group (HRWG), a loose forum formed by INSEC at local level. The Programme was conducted in the presence of ward coordinator Parsuram Chaudhari of Madhuwan Municipality ward no one with other local representatives, focal person of education committee, health post and agriculture office of, local CSOs and CBOs, mother groups, human rights watch groups, child right awareness groups, youth groups and community people.

In the programme discussed on the issues faced by public in service receiving process on quality education, quick and quality response on health service, quality food services delivery, and agriculture services in ward and municipality level. Interacting among service providing agencies and services receivers identify some gaps on services delivery system in the present context where public got their representatives. Issues like lake of drinking water, toilet and compound at school of Suryapatuwa, lack of awareness on farmers regarding disadvantages of using toxic in farming, lack of subsidies and training to the farmers, lack of free medicines in health post are the major issues raised by the participants.

Parsuram Chaudhari ward coordinator addressed the emerging issues regarding right to quality education, food and health with his commitment to fulfill them. He said that ward offices and whole municipality is aware on the services delivery process as instructed by the government’s plan and provisions. He also suggest to aware public little bit about their duty through sensitizing on their role and responsibility to respect, protect and promote their rights from the public sector too. Stakeholders’ commitment to address the emerging issues cooperating in their action plan.