Interaction: Sharing the Human Rights Situation in Pokhara

INSEC Pokhara organized an interaction programme on 28th June 2018 for sharing the human rights situation of then western region. Presenting the status of human rights from January to June 2018, coordinator Shiva Khakurel shared that 776 were the victims of violence and atrocities from state and non-state actors in this reporting period. Speaking at the programme, minister of social development of province no. 4, Nara Devi Pun stated that the main priority for the government at the moment is to provide shelter to victimized women and homeless children. Apart from that, she also promised on spreading awareness and education to the public alongside providing skill development training so as to reduce the human rights violations and abuses in the area. The participants praised INSEC for being able to continuously publish Yearbook and also recommended few changes on it.