Pre-review of Human Rights Year Book

A pre-review of Human Rights Year book-2018 has been concluded in Beni of Myagdi on June 8 organized by INSEC.

The program was organized in participation of concerned stakeholders and human violation incidents in the past six months were reviewed along with the violation of code of conduct, in the program.

In the program, the issue of whether the force was used or not during the first phase of local level election was given priority. During the program the participants said that there were very few incident of use of children during the election.

Inspector Diwakar Ghimire of DPO said that despite of few incidents of domestic violence  there were no complaints of serious incidents have not been registered at Women and Children Office of the district. He added that there has been no indented of rape and sexual abuses have been registered in the office yet.

Amrit Baskune