Pre-review of Human Rights Year Book Held

A half Yearly pre-review of the incidents on Human Rights Violation collected for the publication of Human Rights Year Book 2018 has been held in Kanchanpur on June 23.

INSEC District Representative Komal Niranjan Bhatt of Kanchanpur presented 40 incidents of human right violation within 6 months period of which, 6 incidents of property damage, 27 incident of domestic violence, 1 incident of killing and rape were included.

Chief of Women Human Rights Defender Network of Kanchanpur, Bharati Singh suggested to investigate and incorporate the incidents of suicide in the year book since the incident of suicide is becoming a social issue and is in higher rate in the district.

Human rights activists Bhagwati Thapa suggested to collect the events from rural areas too. Sharada Chettri, Chief of Women and Children Service Center formed under the District Police said that the violence against women is growing every day.

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