Preparation for clean election observation completed

Preparation meeting with observers from various observing organization for Clean Election was held in Rupandehi, Butwal.

Citizens Campaign for Clean Election in collaboration with sub-regional office of National Human Rights Commission, Butwal organized a meeting to conduct the election in a free and fair manner and to bring consistency in observation.

Observers in the meeting gave emphasis in utilizing the past experiences as learning in this election observation.

According to Human Rights Officer of Butwal sub-regional office of National Human Rights Commission, despite of decrement in cases of violation of code of conduct, there are situations where the code of conduct is violated in the monitoring process.

The use of children in election campaign and distributing T-shirts of their size has been done by every political party- said Chapagain.

INSEC regional Coordinator of Pokhara, Shiva Khakurel urged all the observers to abide by the code of conduct as the election commission will be observing whether or not the observer has complied with code of conduct.

He also requested to submit the election observation report pointing out the observed weakness of the polling stations to their respective organization in time.

Co-Chairman for Citizens Campaign for Clean Election along with central chairman of human rights organization, Indra Prasad Aryal suggested to participate in observation without any prejudice.

Reema BC