Rights activist play vital role for successful election- Chief Election Officer

District Court Judge and Chief Electoral Officer of Durchula, Durga Bahadur Bhusal suggested to make the human rights issues election centered.

Speaking at the Pre-review of Human Rights Year Book program organized by INSEC Darchula mentioned about the role of human right activist for the successful completion of local-level election that ensures the civil and political rights of the people.

The local government election that ensures civil and political rights must make the human right issues election centered. He added, the activities of INSEC will help in monitoring the situation of election, use of voting rights along with the activities of office of election commission.

Similarly, the secretary of Ministry of Finance who came to Darchula for election monitoring, Dhani Ram Sharma mentioned about the INSEC role for free and fair election.

Since INSEC itself is participating as an observer in the election, he urged to monitor the election in free and fair manner which will ultimately help in establishing the strong democracy.

He added, the issue of human right is to be dealt along with the concept of development. He suggested to keep eye on the resources of the state to ensure the human rights. He said- ‘Lift the rights of people living in remote area as the pace of development in these areas is slow.’

Chief District Officer Basu Prasaad Koirala suggested to give special importance to the issue of human right violation occurred during the election. Last time, Collection of Yarsagumba had led to violations of children’s rights which needs serious attention of the concerned stakeholders.

INSEC district representative Narendra Singh Karki presented the report on situation of human right violation. According to INSEC district representative of Darchula the issues of women’s rights violation has decreased in comparision to previous year. The report included 1 incident of rape, 14 incident of Domestic Violence along with other incidents collected within January to June 2017.

According to INSEC documentation 1 incident of Human trafficking and transportation, 5 incidents of Killing were recorded. Similarly, 15 people have died within this 6 month of period in Darchula among which 9 of them were children who were killed while searching Yarsagumba.