Voter’s education in Dalit Village

Local youth Uttam Panthi said that Dalit Community is always influenced by the various political parties. “ During election, many voters from this community enters into party”, Panthi said. He added that political parties are taking the advantages of  lack of awareness and poverty of this community.

The Dalit leader met with the secretariat of Citizen’s Campaign For Clean Election (CCCE), INSEC and complained about the situation.

“ What kind of leader to choose is their own understanding”, he said. They do not have awareness and they are influenced by a simple things and their votes are being sold. Maiya B.K, 35 has given a candidacy for ward member for ward number 7 from Nepali Congress but she says that she feels insecure from her own sisters.

“ I am not happy but I feel pain by this election”, says 32 years old Babu Ram B.K of Resunga Municipality-7. He added “ we have casted many votes in the past, but none of them stood up for us”.

Chetman Chandura, 51 of the same place complained that due to the lack of solidarity among Dalit, they are compelled to be victims from non-dalit. He added “ they talk about rights and difficulties they face but during election there is a trend of division”. He said that Dalit community is only used during election.

INSEC regional coordinator Shiva Khakurel of INSEC shared information about the election to the community while in monitoring. He asked voters not to be influenced by any political parties during election by their threats, or luring. He further discussed with the community about how to select the appropriate candidate and how to secure their vote.

To Lal Aryal