Human Rights Yearbook 1992

The human rights movement is a perennial process. People have struggled for centuries to live as human beings. This struggle is still continuing and will remain continuing in future as well. In our country too the people have provided great impetus to the development and protection of the human
rights movement.

Human rights and democracy are complementary and inextricably related and one becomes meaningless without the other. Democracy becomes empty without human rights whereas human rights without democracy becomes lame. So the democratic and human rights movements have paraded together in Nepal.

Informal Sector Service Centre (INSEC), established towards the beginning of people’s movement days basically with the objective of making people aware of human rights, has already launched various programs for the people’s cause. Drifting away from its traditional work style, it has now started to investigate problems, make them public and mobilize human resources to solve them. In this connection, INSEC has published quite a number of publications including reports on Bonded Labor, Victimized Women in Nepal, etc.