INSEC Human Rights Library is the first library of Human Rights in Nepal. It was established in 1990.

Objectives of INSEC library are as follow:

  • To collect and manage  literature, photographs, video documentaries, video footage and other documents on Human Rights.
  • To disseminate collected resources on human rights to researchers, human rights activists, law makers, political leaders, students, government officials and anyone involved and interested in human rights.

INSEC library has more than 6 thousand documents including books, journals, reports, articles, conference papers, news clippings, CDs, photographs (printed & digital), video documentaries and video footage. Books, reports, journals & articles, video documentaries and footage are all cataloged in computerized database. INSEC library database will be available in the Internet through Digital Asset Management (DAM) System in the near future.

Facilities in INSEC library:

  • Spacious for reading and study
  • 49 thousand 8 hundred and 75 books, reports, articles, news clippings and journals on Human Rights and we  89 thousand 8 hundred and 32 resources are archived in Digital Asset Management (DAM) System till 11 July 2022.   
  • All INSEC publications available in digital format
  • Collection of photographs and video footage
  • Visitors can search INSEC database and browse collections (Library staff are available to assist them)
  • Delivery of search results by email
  • Internet access (free), photocopy and laser printing

INSEC Library is a reference library.

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