Hunger Strike of Dr KC and some Epic Questions !


Today is the 27th day of Dr KC’s hunger strike demanding for the reformation of medical sector, and due to the strike, he is having some serious health condition according to the health professionals involved on his treatment.  As the days of hunger strike is getting extended, both government and Dr KC are not moving from their stand. Dr KC’s and his associates have recommended 22 points over the Medical Education bill that is tabled by the government in Federal Parliament. The demands of Dr KC has raised some epic questions which are as follows:

Epic Questions

  1. Not handing over the letter of interest to any organization in Lalitpur, Bhaktapur and Kathmandu for at least 10 years to open medical college means is it after 2015 June or is it enforced from the day law is formulated?
  2. Will the syndicate of medical operation continues or not when it is said that “one university cannot give affiliation to more than five colleges. But is it not applicable to those colleges which already have received affiliation?”
  3. There is a confusion that in some cases it is stated that one university cannot give affiliation to more than five colleges and in some cases it is stated that there will be only one medical college in one district. Such bond has created confusion. There is a question on how the medical college can be extended in a province having more than five districts?. Except Tribhuban University and Kathmandu University, none of the university have provided affiliation. The knowledge will be constricted in one geographic location if university gives affiliation to the college in a same province. Because of the geographical differences, there are many issues which that needs a proper address.
  4. The university takes bases such as physical infrastructure, manpower etc before giving affiliation to the college. But, voices were raised on not to give affiliation to the medical college who already has received letter of interest prior to this and who already have a physical infrastructure. How such issues will be addressed?
  5. Out of 13 university, only seven can give affiliation to medical college of which more than five have already received affiliation from TU and KU. It is said that others are not capable. This might lose the balance between demand and supply.
  6. While going through the Mathema report, it is clear that there will be a monopoly of limited number of medical colleges for a long time that are in operation at present.


If the issues that we have raised are discussed comprehensively, it can be expected that the series of hunger strike will end in future.


Subodh Raj Pyakurel


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