INSEC Appeals the Government of Nepal for Proper Management of Nepali Citizens Stuck at Nepal-India Border

4 April 2020

INSEC Appeals the Government of Nepal for Proper Management of Nepali Citizens Stuck at Nepal-India Border

 Informal Sector Service Centre (INSEC) has received the information that hundreds of Nepali people who were returning to their home country are quarantined and stranded in different bordering cities and localities of Nepal-India border. They are facing difficulties due to the Nepal Government’s lockdown declaration caused by COVID-19 pandemic.

 There are more than 600 Nepalese at Dharchula of Darchula District border, 227 at Jhulaghat of Baitadi District border, 114 at Banbasa of Kanchanpur District Border and 305 at Belhiya of Bhairahawa border kept in quarantine. The Government of Nepal has shared that both the governments (Government of Nepal and Government of India) agreed to keep each other’s citizen in quarantine within their territory. Acknowledging the arrangement of the government, INSEC wants to raise its concern to the problems of people quarantined at the Indian border.

Nepali people in Dharchula’s quarantine are sleeping in groups in the gallery of a school and lack proper food facility. The quarantine of Banbasa doesn’t have a problem of food but has mismanaged sleeping facility. According to the received information, available quarantines in border areas are inappropriate to maintain social distance which is believed as one of the important fundamentals to break the cycle of infection of the COVID-19. Two hundred Nepali people denied of staying in quarantine at Banke’s Jamunaha border and the Government of Nepal prepared quarantine for them on 3 April at the no man’s land, Das Gaja, between Nepal and India. This is a good step from the government’s side and we welcome such initiation of the Government of Nepal.

In this context, INSEC requests the Government of Nepal to properly manage the quarantine at the Nepali side of the border and also take required initiation towards the Government of India for their necessary response in such crucial situation.

Signature of Chairperson_Dr. Indira Shrestha

 Dr Indira Shrestha