Unbiased Inquiry and Accountability in Wake of Tragic Incident

It should be ensured that no obstacle is created to reveal the truth of the incident. Three days ago, Birendra Shah of Achham and Sujan Rawat of Dailekh lost their lives due to excessive force used by the Nepal Police during a protest. These youths, aiming for jobs in South Korea, were advocating for the chance to take a language test in the manufacturing sector.

Initial assessments by human rights groups, including INSEC, reveal that the situation resulting from the security forces’ misjudgment is not beyond control. Consequently, INSEC and other rights organizations swiftly condemned the incident.

Responding to the Bal Kumari incident, a high-level commission led by former High Court judge Shekhar Paudel was established in a cabinet meeting on December 16th. This commission, comprising former AIG Arun BC and Home Ministry Joint Secretary Narayan Prasad Bhattarai, has a one-month mandate. It’s empowered to assess the human and material impact, identify security flaws, and propose actions against those responsible.

Past experiences highlight challenges in commission effectiveness and implementation. Hence, we urge the government to facilitate an environment where the commission operates fairly and without hindrance. To restore human rights and end impunity, a judicial investigation and legal action against culprits are imperative.





Dr. Kundan Aryal