Press Release

The Ministry of Home Affairs (MoHA) has confirmed that the incessant rainfall has claimed lives of 91 people nationwide and 38 are still missing. We would like to express our grief on a loss caused by this natural disaster. At the same time we would like to condole civilians who lost their lives and wish for speedy recovery of injured. We are empathetic to civilians on this grieving moment and would like to draw attention of Nepal Government to provide relief, rescue, treatment and reestablishment of displaced people.

A single attempt by the state to face disaster is not enough. We express our objection on the decision made by the government to restrict NGOs on providing support in the name of one-door system. Such decision will add more pain to the victims. The collaboration among the state can only be established when relief distribution system is transparent and participative.

Some of the natural disaster is a result of human-made infrastructure. The embankments in Nepal-India border, unmanaged development system and destruction in Chure and Mahabharat mountain range are the major reason behind this flood and landslide. We expect that if such issues are taken into consideration, it is possible to avoid future destructions.

In this grieving moment, we would like to draw attention of all concerned authorities to operate effective rescue and relief through effective mechanism and to show willingness on re-establishing and securing flood affected victims. We would like to demand the government to adhere long term land-use policy by learning the lesson from the past disasters.




Subodh Raj Pyakurel