Action By Identifying the Guilt


Our serious attention has been drawn by a series of bomb explosion incidents in some schools in Kathmandu and Lalitpur districts. We seriously condemn such incidents.

It is never less to condemn the act of planting bombs and explosives to terrorize children, their parents and whole civilians of the society with the intention to destruct physical infrastructure.

This act is against the norms and sentiment of Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948  and convention on children rights 1989. This has also breached children rights  In acted in Act 39 of Nepal Constitution.

We demand Nepal Government to investigate such action of planting explosives in schools and take immediate action against the guilt and to ensure security of general public.

We also demand to take action against the guilt by identifying and making them public so as to end impunity which is flourishing in recent days.




Subodh Raj Pyakurel