Protect People’s Life

We condemn the death of Tabarej Alam, 17, of Tejapakad VDC-1 in police firing following clash between police and protestors in Gaur on December 20. A tenth grader at Juddha Higher Secondary School in Gaur, Alam was shot in abdomen at BP chok in the afternoon. Expressing heartfelt tribute to the deceased Alam, we offer our condolences to the bereaved family.

Police claimed that they resorted to firing after the protestors tried to head towards District Police Office hurling stones, glass bottles at police. The local administration said that 23 security persons including Inspector Pratap Paudel, Birendra Paswan, SI Madan Thakur were injured in the protestor’s attack.

State’s responsibility is to protect life and property of the people. We remind the government that the international standards of controlling protests and dispersing mobs reqire using water canons and tear gas cannisters before resorting to live ammunition. At least 48 persons have lost their lives in the protest in Tarai Madhes ongoing since past four months and life has been brought to a grinding halt. We humbly request the government and agitating Madhesi Morcha to hold meaningful result oriented dialogue as the way for resolving any kind of disagreement is through dialogue and discussion.

Subodh Raj Pyakurel