Deliver justice to Ganga Maya 

Today is a second death anniversary of Nanda Prasad Adhikari of Gorkha, Phujel who gave up his life seeking for justice.  The Adhikari couple had been on fast-unto-death since 23 October 2013 and even after the death of her husband, Ganga Maya is still on her stand and continuing her protest. Few days ago, Chitwan District court had recorded her verbal statement. She had repeatedly claimed that her son was killed due to personal disputes and the incident is not related with armed conflict.

Nanda Prasad’s movement for justice and the government’s activity within this two year of his death seems like the justice system has been killed along with his death. But, we would want to alert the government that it will not be easy to get away with justice system. We would also like to notify that the international human right community’s is closely watching her peaceful resistance. If Adhikari family is not delivered with Justice in Nepal, the international jurisdiction will be attracted with the precedent that has already been established.

The hunger strike, under the direct supervision of the government has completed two years however the dead body lying in hospital’s casket shows the government’s apathy on delivering justice. We urge and demand Nepal government to create an environment for the final rites of the Nanda Prasad’s body and to deliver justice to the Adhikari family.

Subodh Raj Pyakurel