No alternative of dialogue for the meaningful result

 It is the 25th day of the hunger strike by Dr Govinda KC demanding to pass the medical education bill as per Mathema Report.. On the third day of his hunger strike in Karnali Health and Science Institute, Jumla, the doctors involved in his treatment said that his health condition is deteriorating and needed treatment in ICU. We feel that there is a possibility of diversion on the issue raised in hunger strike especially after the clash while transferring Dr KC to Kathmandu on July 19 from Jumla for treatment and clash in Kathmandu on July 21 between demonstrators and police. Meanwhile, doctors have warned that his health condition is further deteriorating.

We have been monitoring almost every demands made by Dr KC and at the same time drawing the attention of the government and KC.[1] His demands were focused on medical education until the third hunger strike however his demands afterwards are directed towards parliament and judiciary respectively. The reports prepared based on demands of Dr KC, agreement with government and some controversies can be viewed in this link provided[2] .

Issues has been raised   that there will be the end of all kinds of irregularities in medical sector, accessibility of medicine in a cheap price, health services to all and free education to the children of poor as soon as the demands of Dr KC is addressed. But, while going through his demands, such issues are not been given priority.

If the demands raised by Dr KC is right, then it must end with a meaningful dialogue. We would like to demand government to solve the issue in parliamentarian committee with an involvement of stakeholders. We appeal government on providing support to make a meaningful dialogue with Dr KC in presence with his representatives.

Subodh Raj Pyakurel





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