Publicize the Fact

 Police have not yet formally publicized the name of those involved in a killing of 13 years old Nirmala Panta of Bhimdatta Municipality-2, Ultakham after rape on July 26. The dead body of Nirmala was recovered on the next day on July 27. On the afternoon of July 26, Nirmala got out from her house to meet friend and from that evening she went missing. Police recovered her cycle, books and copy in the bank of river near the street at Nimbukheda in Bhimdatta Municipality-18, the next day. During the search, her dead body was found in a sugarcane field.

The District Police Office of Kanchanpur arrested Dilip Singh Bista of Bhimdatta Municipality-19 and made him public during a press meet on August 20. The distressed victim’s family and locals called for the agitation along with the demonstration on August 21 accusing police administration attempting to hide the real perpetrator by arresting Dilip Bista who is suffering from mental illness. The local administration imposed curfew after the agitation was more intensified. On August 25, police opened fire on demonstrator and 17 years old Sanni Khanu was killed leaving 25 demonstrators injured.

The government has formed investigation team led by the assistant secretary to investigate the incident. Nepal police is renowned on criminal investigation. But, its credibility will definitely decrease after it failed to investigate this particular or similar kind of incidents. The locals are suspicious that government officials themselves are involved in this incident and at the same time the police attitude is also indicating this.

There is an increasing trend in violence against women and children and especially the incidents of rape and sexual abuse are increasing in a daily basis. It is unfortunate to see the state body of the democratic country being apathetic, prevailing of impunity and a creation of situation where victim are deprived of getting justice. We strongly demand government to take action against apathetic police and to bring guilt in to the legal boundary along with the proper treatment of injured and proper compensation to the victim’s family of Nirmala Panta.


 Subodh Raj Pyakurel