Press Statement

March 7, 2020


INSEC welcomes and appreciates the agreement between the Government of Nepal and the Communist Party of Nepal led by Netra Bikram Chand ‘Biplav’ on March 5, 2021. We believe that the political commitment of the Communist Party of Nepal to mainstream its political activities through peaceful activities and dialogue will further strengthen the peace and democratic spirit enshrined in the Constitution of Nepal.

However, INSEC has serious concern about the third point of the agreement, which states that it has agreed to release all the cadres and withdraw all the charges against them. All the cases of serious human rights violation committed by the party and the government to control the party’s violent activities after the decision of the Government of Nepal to ban the Communist Party of Nepal on March 12, 2019 have been documented. As both sides are silent on arms management in this agreement, it seems that there is no environment to be confident that the agreement will be implemented.

In this context, it is important to remember that the victims of serious human rights violations and abuses during the 10-year-long armed conflict have not yet received justice and those involved in human rights violations have not been brought to the judicial process.The failure to mention the issue of ensuring justice for victims of human rights violations and criminal offenses did not make both sides sensitive to human rights and justice. We strongly urge the Government of Nepal to be vigilant on solving the issue of impunity, which INSEC has repeatedly expressed its concern over.

Dr. Indira Shrestha