In line with its Vision, Mission and Goal, INSEC has categorized its initiatives in two types, the core programme and the periodic projects. INSEC Core Programmes are supported by strategic partners while projects are supported by other funding partners.

INSEC Core programme i.e. INSEC Programme 2019-2022 consist of three components

Component 1: Monitoring Human Rights and Providing Emergency Support to Victims

Component 2: Educating Local People on Rights and Duties, and Making Authorities Responsive

Component 3: Campaign and Advocacy for Human Rights Promotion


  1. Mobilization of the capacitated human rights defenders for the protection and promotion of human rights in Nepal
  2. Addressing the protection issue of human rights defenders induced by covid-19 thereby augmenting the rights of everyone (ADHICAR)
  3. Documentation of Human Rights Violation/Abuse Cases for the Protection of Rights
  4. Fostering good governance through human rights approach with peoples participation (FK-South-South Staff Exchange Program)
  5. Rights and Economic Development for Nepal’s Empowered Women (RENEW)