Situation of Human Rights Defenders in Nepal (January to October, 2011)

Declaration on Human Rights Defenders, 1998 has recognized the Human Rights Defender (HRD) in a broad sense. However only the Teachers, Media Persons, Law professional, Health workers and those individuals…

Published : Dec-16,2011

Follow-up Report on Implementation of Recommendations of UNWGEID

Follow-up to the recommendations made by the Working Group on Enforced or Involuntary Disappearances in the report of its visit to Nepal from 6 to 14 December 2004 (E/CN.4/2005/65/Add.1, par.…

Published : Oct-25,2011

Mine/IED Injury Prevention in Nepal

Injuries and deaths due to victim-activated improvised explosive devices, landmines and other explosive remnants of war in Nepal Substantial numbers of civilians, including women and children, were injured and killed…

Published : Feb-04,2011

Uniharu kahan chhan?

Details on victims of Enforced Disappearance (1996-2006) A First recorded incident of enforced disappearance in Nepal dates back to 1951. The trend continued during the authoritarian Panchayat era but went…

Published : Dec-16,2010

Armed Conflict and Internally Displaced Persons in Nepal

Nepal witnessed a decade-long armed conflict started by the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist). The war that started in 1996 in the name of “people’s war,” affected the general life…

Published : Nov-15,2010

Food Crisis and World Food Program

सरकारले दुर्गम पहाडी जिल्लामा २०२७ सालदेखि र विश्व खाद्य कायक्रमले सन् १९६७ देखि खाद्यान्न सहयाेग पुयाउँदै आएकाे छ ।

Published : Aug-26,2010

Nepal NGO Coalition Submission to the United Nation s Universal Periodic Review

This joint submission has been prepared by three coalitions namely Nepal NGO Coalition for UPR (�NNC-UPR), National Women Coalition and Durban Review Conference Follow-up Committee Nepal comprising of 238 civil…

Published : Jul-06,2010

Annex 2: DRC FC’s submission to the UPR Mechanism (July 2010)

The Conference held in Geneva in April 2009 provided a unique opportunity to review the Durban Declaration and Programme of Action (DDPA) made in Durban in 2001 on racism, racial…

Published : Jul-06,2010

Annex 3 : National Women Coalition Submission to the UPR Mechanism (July 2010)

This annex is a joint submission of 28 women organizations (see end note A) in Nepal coordinated by Women Rehabilitation Center (WOREC) Nepal. This report follows the guidelines adopted by…

Published : Jul-06,2010

Report on the killings in May 2010

Killing, abduction and extortion among other problems have persisted in Nepal even after the successful April Movement 2006 and Comprehensive Peace Agreement 2006. Activities as those common during the 10…

Published : Jun-17,2010