In the month of February, the incidents of Human Rights violation and atrocities were higher as compared to the last month. The analysis based on the news published in INSEC online, similar to the last month, this month most of the district was deprived of medicine shortage. However, news regarding the destruction of physical properties in campuses, colleges in regards to the agitation against the announcement of election date by United Madhesi Morcha was published with a priority. News related to the obstruction of various political programs in Terai Madhes by Madhesi Morcha was published. The analysis of the activities such as burning effigies of prime minister and attack on the program participated by the Prime Minister raised the suspicion that agitating party is heading towards politics of restriction. Last month, eight male were victimized by state actor and 187 people were victimized by non-state actor in various incidents on human rights violation and atrocities according to the INSEC documentation. This month, 309 people were victim of human rights violation. Last month 30 male and 157 female were victimized by non-state actor.