Strategic Objectives (SOs)

Research-Action-Organization RAO and People-to-People PTP Approaches are the key to INSEC’s working modality. Apart from that, Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning remain as INSEC’s modality to foster its mission and implementation of strategies. Its intervention framework consists of three endeavors i.e. monitoring and documentation, awareness & capacity development and advocacy (National and international level). INSEC has identified four major thematic areas under its programme priorities. These areas are-human rights documentation and human rights awareness and capacity development, Human rights advocacy and Institutional Development. Based on these strategic priorities, INSEC has set the following strategic objectives for the next five years 2019/2023.

SO 1: The status of human rights violation and abuses across the country monitored and documented with credibility on the basis of primary and secondary data obtained through various means. (Human Rights Monitoring/Documentation)

SO 2: Data collected on violation and abuses of human rights pub­lished and disseminated via various mediums (digital, on­line and print). (Human Rights Monitoring/Documentation)

SO 3: Educated, aware and capacitated people specially focused to marginalized and deprived communities and their insti­tutions on their rights and responsibilities. (Human Rights Awareness and Capacity Development)

SO 4: Engaged with the three spheres of state mechanisms for appropriate response regarding people’s rights through human rights education and awareness. (Human Rights Awareness and Capacity Development)

SO 5: Strengthened civil society and their network to enable the legal and policy environment in line with the obligation of the state to the international treaties and conventions. (Hu­man Rights Advocacy)

SO 6: Strengthened institutional capacity, good governance, ac­countability and democratic practices of government, legis­lative and civil society for sustainable and peaceful devel­opment. (Human Rights Advocacy)

SO 7: Strengthened INSEC as an institution in the federal state structure and established as a recognized human rights organization for protecting and promoting the rights of people with improved knowledge, skills and resources. (In­stitutional Objective)

Cross-cutting issues

Some cross-cutting areas have been also included in INSEC’s intervention frameworks. Some of these are:

  • Rule of law, peace and human security
  • Good governance and democratization
  • Freedom of Expression (FoE)
  • Right to Information (RtE)
  • Rights of Human Rights Defenders (HRDs)
  • Economic, Social and Cultural (ESC) rights (RtF, RtE, RtH)
  • Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI) and Disability