23 April 2022



INSEC is actively engaged in the documentation of the cases of human rights violations, promotion of human rights education and human rights advocacy for achieving human rights and social justice since last three decades.  INSEC has focused itself on the protection and promotion of the rights of general public via various programs. Through the province office situated in seven province and 77 district representatives spread all across the country, INSEC has been active in assuring rights of the marginalized and vulnerable groups.

It is adamant for an election to be fair, impartial and fear free in Democracy. Civil societies and Activists in Nepal have been observing the election since the time of Panchayat. Further, INSEC holds an experience of organizing election awareness programs and monitoring the election since 2048 BS’s election. Election commission is in the verge of completing its work for the commencement of election on Baishakh 30, 2079 BS. Commission has completed the works like updating the voter’s list, identity card, printing the voting ballot, finalizing voting centers, publishing election code of conduct and promulgating observer’s rules. As per the election commission, they have almost completed all the necessary works needed to conduct the election.

Being committed to the socialism and Reminiscing the  Democratic values including People’s competitive multiparty democratic system, fundamental rights, human rights, adult franchise, periodic election enshrined under the preamble of the constitution,  we would like to draw your attention to the following appeals for the effective administration of the periodic election based on the assurance of Directive principle of the constitution of Nepal, Rule of law, fundamental rights and values of human rights, gender equality, proportional inclusion, participation and International commitments of Nepal.


  1. For the assurance of the principle of proportionate participation at all bodies of the state enshrined under Article 38 of the constitution, 50% representation shall be ensured to the women.
  2. Participation of the Dalit shall be ensured based on the principle of proportionate participation at all the bodies of the state enshrined under Article 40 of the constitution of Nepal.
  3. To ensure the participation of socially backward women, Dalit, indigenous people, indigenous nationality, Madhesi, Tharu, minorities, persons with disabilities, marginalized communities, Muslim, gender and sexual minorities, youths, farmers, laborers, oppressed or citizens of backward regions and indigent Khas Arya enshrined under Article 42 of the constitution of Nepal as a right to social justice, they shall be given seats for candidacy in the local level election.
  4. While presenting the nomination letter, the political parties shall ensure inclusion of 50% women in the positions of chairperson and vice chairperson, chief and deputy chief and chief and deputy chief of the district coordination committee Pursuant to section 4(1) of the local level election act 2076.
  5. Considering the best interest of the children and respecting the recognition of the ‘Children’s Peace Zone’ and declaring their commitment not to involve the children in any election-related activities for their safety and protection,
  6. Not to nominate an individual who is involved in the activities of human rights violations, human trafficking, violence against women and children, corruption and caste-based untouchability and protects of promotes such acts.
  7. Following the provisions mentioned in section 20 of the Election (Offenses and Punishment) Act, 2073, candidates or elected representatives shall not deprive any person from participating in the election or disseminating election publicity or exercising the right to vote in accordance with the election law.
  8. Not to display or use any kind of weapons or explosives to threaten or intimidate people or discourage or tempt them financially for votes,
  9. Code of conduct of the election shall thoroughly be followed.


Signature of Chairperson_Dr. Indira Shrestha

Indira Shrestha