Draft Legislation to Proceed With Halted Transitional Justice Process in Fair Manner


It has been 18 years since CPN-Maoist cadres detonated a land mine, under a bus, Na 1 B 3245, carrying passengers, at Bandarmude River of the then Kalyanpur Village Development Committee, Madi, Chitwan. Several political agreements, including detailed peace agreements and agreements with the victims in the past, have addressed access to justice for the conflict victims of events such as Bandarmuhe. However, justice and compensation have not been guaranteed in the past 18 years.

The detonation killed 38 people, including 35 civilians and three security personnel, 72 people were seriously injured in the incident, and four of the injured died shortly after the incident. The total number of deaths in the incident amounts to 42. Among the injured, 10 individuals still need regular medical assistance.

The process of transitional justice has not yet commenced. Neither the truth regarding the atrocities and harm caused during the conflict has been publicized, nor has justice been provided to the victims, in the context of incidents that are a complete violation of national and international human rights and humanitarian laws.

After the incident on June 6, 2005, in a statement issued by the Chairman of CPN (Maoist) Pushpa Kamal Dahal, he admitted that there was a mistake in the incident and expressed a commitment to investigate the incident and publish the truth.

We call upon the government to be sensitive to the demands of the victims that the truth be revealed and the perpetrators be brought to justice concerning such heinous crimes committed during the conflict.

We further draw the attention of all the parties represented in the Parliament to pass the bill to amend the Enforced Disappearances Inquiry, Truth and Reconciliation Commission Act 2014, to provide justice to the victims of conflict-time events while respecting the opinions of the victims.






Dr. Kundan Aryal